If you have been told that you have a digestive health problems like heart burn or acid reflux, fatty liver, high cholesterol, gallbladder problems, Diabetes, osteoporosis, eczema, autoimmune conditions, certain types of anemia,fatigue, difficulty with weight, or any other digestive related health symptom, when our doctor tests and clears your Digestive Zone (Zone 4), he is restoring normal nerve life and function to all of the regions of digestion.

1. As our doctor restores the nerves to the Liver you will notice an improvement in your Appetite, – food will taste better and be digested better.

2. Restoring normal nerve flow and function to the Gall Bladder will bring about better Digestion and better Elimination from the bowels.
3. When our doctor restores the Stomach Glands to normal, this will enable you to eat foods that have upset you in the past. Your Appetite will improve and digestive troubles will disappear.
4. When all of the Glands to the Intestines are being stimulated and adjusted this will enable you to assimilate foods better. There should be a tendency to return to Normal Weight.