how to lose 20lbs in 30 days

​If you have driven by our office lately (Stanly Wellness Center in Locust), you have seen the banner sign that says ‘Lose 20lbs in 30 Days’. Perhaps you have said to yourself, “Well, that is not possible.” or “What kind of gimmick is that all about?”. I am here to tell you that losing 20 pounds in 30 days is not only possible, but it is much easier than you might imagine. And NO, it does not involve drugs or surgeries.

Before I give you the keys to weight loss, I would like to preface this by stating that the easiest and most successful way to lose weight is by restoring your health. You see, weight gain is not necessarily a side effect of eating way too many greasy cheeseburgers (all though that could do it). Weight gain is a side effect of a poorly functioning body.

If your body systems, like your endocrine system, your digestive system, or your nervous system are not functioning optimally, then your health suffers as a consequence, and weight gain is a side effect of that poor function. So if you restore proper function to your body systems, then weight will naturally begin to “fall off”. So if you get healthy, you will get to an optimal body weight.

Ok, so do you want to know what the key to losing 20lbs in 30 days is and what it requires?

First and foremost, it requires a plan (which I am going to give you). Secondly it requires discipline. If you are disciplined and you stick with the plan, you will reap the benefits.

Here is the plan. It starts with liquid nutrition. For as long as you can mentally tolerate, you are going to only consume liquids. This means eating NO FOODS. My suggestion for this phase is to consume protein shakes with as few ingredients as possible (high quality whey or vegetarian protein powder, greens powder, canned coconut or almond milk, and perhaps a handful of berries and some water to thin out the coconut milk). You can drink as many of these as you feel hungry for. I find 2 – 3 protein shakes is plenty for most people, however more can be consumed. Other acceptable liquids include: water, lemon water, bulletproof coffee (coffee with fats, i.e., butter, coconut oil, ghee, etc.) and bone broth. Bone broth is also a great option because it helps heal a leaky gut and the high quality fats improve your hair, skin and nails. But you can mix and match. Have a protein shake in the morning, drink a bulletproof coffee in the afternoon (if you suffer from the afternoon drowses) and have lemon water until the evening.

Unacceptable liquids include: juice and fruit juice because they’re full of sugar, milk because of the sugar and also because it’s inflammatory to a lot of people who are lactose sensitive, and alcohol of any kind. Even that glass of red wine that you consume for your heart health can prevent you from getting into fat burning mode.

That’s it. That’s the plan. See, easy right? No longer do you have to stress over or to think about what’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Grab your preferred liquid, and off you go.
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