If you have been told that you have muscle or joint problems like neck or back pain, spinal stenosis, disc injuries, neuropathy, tingling/numbness, tension or stiffness, Carpal tunnel, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, migraines or tension headaches, Sciatica, Plantar fasciitis or foot pain, or any other muscle or joint related health symptom, when our doctor tests and clears your Muscular Zone (Zone 5), he is restoring normal nerve life and function to all of the musculoskeletal regions of your body.

1. When our doctor restores normal nerve flow and function to all muscles in your Neck region and Arms you will notice better Movement and a more Normal Feeling in these muscles.

2. Adjusting normal nerve flow and function in the proper amount to all muscles of the Chest, Abdomen and Back will reduce muscle contractures producing distortions in the spine. Normal tone is being restored to other muscles, thus further aiding in straightening distortions and curvatures. Pain will diminish and a feeling of Ease as well as of Increased Strength, and Suppleness will be noticed.
3. When our doctor restores normal nerve flow and function to all the muscles of your Pelvic region and the Thighs you will not tire so much from walking. Greater Strength will become apparent.

4. All muscles of the Thigh down to the Feet are being normalized. Pain in these regions will disappear and there will be noticed a general Relaxed Condition.