If you have been told that you have problems with your eyes, ears or other sense organs, difficulty with sleep or relaxation, headaches, cold feet or hands, digestive problems, tremors, an over active or under active immune system, reproductive difficulties, a nervous stomach or any other nervous system related health symptom, when our doctor tests and clears your Nervous Zone (Zone 3), he is restoring normal nerve balance and function to the central (both sympathetic and parasympathetic) nervous system.

1.When our doctor restores normal nerve balance to your Central Nervous System you will notice an improvement in your nervous condition – the Eyes will become stronger – the Ears will become keener, and in general your Sense Organs will normalize themselves.

2. When our doctor restores the nerve supply to your Solar-Plexus, your Digestion  will improve and you will not take things so seriously. Relaxation will come to you and you will soon want to take a nap each day. DO SO – it will help to restore your health.
3. Adjustments of the nerve supply to your Generative Organs will bring on immediate improvements in that area.
4. When normal nerve flow and function are restored to your Third Zone, this restoration will bring better Appetite, – better Digestion, – better Elimination, – a more Relaxed Feeling, – better Sleep, – better Nerves.