At our clinic, the doctors and staff are dedicated to helping as many families as possible achieve their best health naturally. We incorporate the 3 Essentials necessary to achieve and maintain optimal health.

Healthy Nerve Supply Quality Nutrition Reduced Toxins

Our clinic only accepts patients that we truly feel we can help. We will never attempt to treat a condition that is beyond the scope of our practice. We commonly refer to and receive referrals from other members of the health care profession including general practitioners, orthopedists, neurologists, podiatrists, etc.

Dr. Patrick Ess has been providing family chiropractic treatment and wellness care since 2002. Our clinic integrates metabolic lab testing, spinal corrective adjusting techniques, Impulse instrument adjusting techniques (Impulse), exercise rehabilitation, nutritional counseling, athletic training/conditioning, state-of-the-art physiotherapy as well as detoxification resources and nutritional supplementation.

At our clinic we specialize in whole body health. We understand that most patients come to our clinic wanting to rid themselves of just one particular symptom or problem. And while we take that particular problem very seriously, we also check the rest of your body for potential future problems or symptoms.

“Dr. Ess was very understanding and patient with me during my treatment.” ~Ramona B.

“Dr. Ess was extremely compassionate and explained everything completely.” ~Bruce H.

“Dr. Ess was a top notch professional. He is determined to solve your problem. He actually was able to uncover the root of the problems in my back.” ~Dale J.