Sinus and allergy trouble have plagued millions of people for many years. It can range from mild congestion and sneezing to runny nose, swollen eyes, chronic congestion, headaches, pulmonary disease, etc. Patients have tried many therapies to reduce the effects of sinus and allergy trouble from over-the-counter medication to sinus surgery. It has been my experience that while some people have complete resolution of their sinus / allergy symptoms; most patients experience a significant reduction in the frequency and intensity of their sinus / allergy symptoms.

“My son Conor who is 7, was diagnosed with asthma about 4 years ago. Every time he came down with a cold, it would go directly to his chest and cause him to cough, wheeze, and have difficulty breathing. We would have to give him treatments of Albuterol every 4-6 hours, which would make him very jittery, and his heart would race. He would also have to keep an inhaler with him. About 2 months ago he came down with a very bad cold and was starting his treatments again. I decided to bring him for an adjustment. After his first visit his breathing and coughing got better and he didn’t need any further treatments. I’ve e been bringing him regularly since then. Now he said he feels like he can breathe without any more difficulty. Many thanks.” Jackie D.

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