the true secret to weight loss

Weight loss is a topic where it seems that everyone is an expert. I can’t think of one person who does not have an opinion as to how to lose weight. Unfortunately, what we learn is that what works for one individual most certainly may not or does not work for another individual.

Just yesterday a scientific study showed that low carbohydrate diets work great for weight loss. However, also just yesterday, another scientific study showed that high carbohydrate diets had the greatest impact on weight loss. And a different scientific study showed that high protein diets were the best for weight loss. With this much confusion, it’s no wonder why people struggle with weight. (btw – ALL scientific studies show that the Standard American Diet is the WORST for weight loss and health)

So what is the secret to losing weight AND keeping it off?

The simple answer is PURPOSE. Your reasoning behind why you want to lose weight will determine your success or failure in actually achieving weight loss. For example, if your purpose to losing weight is so you can look good for that beach vacation, then your chance of success is minimal at best. Even if you do manage to lose the weight for the beach trip, you will most certainly regain it plus 5 pounds after the trip is over. However, if your purpose behind weight loss is so that you can be active with your children and spouse instead of being the mom or dad who “sits on the sidelines” when the family wants to go hiking or running around at the park, your chances of success increase significantly. Or better yet, if you need to lose weight because you have estrogen dominant cancer that is killing you, and losing 20-30 pounds will bring your estrogen back into balance and stop the cancer progression, I would put money on your weight loss success.

So whether you decide to go low fat, or high fat, or go on the fast food diet (let’s hope you do not choose this diet), your level of success is strongly determined behind your purpose for achieving weight loss to begin with.

Oh, and by the way, WILLPOWER comes second to PURPOSE. If you lack the willpower to stick to your plan, then you need to raise your purpose.

At Stanly Wellness Center, we take an individualized approach to weight loss. Our number one priority is to restore health back to the body so that you can achieve your ideal body weight. We accomplish this a number of ways, however looking at specific blood panels and other objective tests is a great starting point to determining what approach would work best for you. If you need help with your health, we offer FREE 15 minute consultations to determine how we can help you. All you need to do is call 980-355-7600 to schedule your FREE consultation appointment. We look forward to serving you and your family.


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