Water fasting and weight loss

Are you struggling with health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, chronic pain, heartburn, etc.? Have you been at a standstill trying to lose weight? Then perhaps it is time to consider water fasting.

Water fasting is a type of fasting in which the practitioner consumes only water. However, water fasting for prolonged periods can pose significant health risks which is why I always recommend persons to only water fast under the direction of a health care provider who is knowledgeable and actively treats patients utilizing water fasting (at least for their first time water fasting).

When it comes to weight loss, water fasting is arguably one of the fastest weight loss methods in existence because the caloric intake during a water fast is in fact zero. Without food, our bodies are forced to rely on the breakdown of both fat-free body mass (non-essential tissue like dead/dying cells, bacteria/viruses, scar tissue, etc.) as well as fat reserves for energy.

According to one experiment, a weight loss rate of almost 3 pounds per day was achieved water fasting. Approximately half of the lost weight was actual body fat loss while everything else was fat-free mass, which included water released from glycogen stores depletion, water released because of zero-sodium intake, muscle tissue breakdown and the emptying of the colon.

Researchers report that participants who practice water fasting at least 5 days per month are 45% less likely to develop cancer, heart disease and diabetes. In fact, blood sugars were reduced by approximately 40% and insulin by 90% (which is why diabetics on insulin need to be supervised during a water fast). Other observations included improved brain function and long term memory thus lowering the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

One of the most significant findings was the increase in tissue healing and regeneration because of the increase in stem cell activity. For example, regeneration of the liver was quicker, and the balance of different types of cells in blood was more youthful.

While the benefits of water fasting are vast, many people will simply find that consuming water only for days to be near impossible. One of the reasons for this is because as your blood sugar drops and glycogen reserves are being pulled from your liver and muscle, you may experience weakness thus triggering your brain to think that you need food. Also, mental hunger (not true physical hunger) is also the most intense during the first few days of fasting.

However, if you manage to stick to following the water fasting regimen, some of the benefits that you can expect besides weight loss include clear mindedness, enhanced energy, better sleep, clearer skin, and balanced hormones just to name a few.

So, if you are ready to transform your health, and you want to work with an expert experienced in fasting, then we at Stanly Wellness Center are here for you. I have personally been fasting for years, and just completed another 6 day water fast with fantastic outcomes. We offer FREE 15 minute consultations in our office to determine if you would be a good candidate for our care. All you need to do is call 980-355-7600 to schedule your FREE consultation. You can also go on our website at www.AskDrPatrick.com and fill in the contact us page to schedule an appointment.


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