Weight loss in a bottle?

​Weight loss is a hot topic that everyone seems to have an opinion on. Most people, at some point in their life, look for ways to lose, gain, or control their weight. And there are thousands of websites that offer the secret to long term and sustained weight loss. As a wellness consultant, I read many of these websites claims and strategies. Many of them offer up the same, or similar advice – Stop Eating Junk Food, Exercise Daily, Drink More Water, etc. All of these recommendations are excellent, however, for some, can be difficult to implement. Not because it is hard to eat an apple instead of an apple pie, or drink water instead of soda, but because people make excuses why they are not willing or unable to make these changes. IE – I hate water, I don’t like to cook, I don’t have time to exercise, My kids and spouse will not eat fruits and vegetables, etc.

My biggest pet peeve however, is when “experts” in the field of weight loss promote pills to lose weight – Weight Loss In A Bottle. Recently, JJ Virgin, a fellow board certified Holistic Nutrition consultant, sent out a mass email promoting her new weight loss supplement. She guarantee’s that it is safe, affordable, and that it works. My pet peeve about these supplements is that it gives false hope to people. In all my years testing out supplements, I have never come across a supplement that helped me to lose weight and keep it off without changing my diet and exercise regimen.

Back in 2014, Dr. Oz sat before a Senate subcommittee hearing in which he admitted that the claims surrounding the weight loss supplements that he promotes on his show are not based on fact. However, according to Dr. Oz, he believes in the supplements that he promotes, stating that:

  • “If the only message I gave was to eat less and move more, which is the most important thing people need to do, we wouldn’t very effectively be tackling this challenge (obesity), because viewers know these steps and they still struggle,” he said. “So we search for tools and crutches for short-term support so people can jump-start their programs.”

It was not until recently that I decided to test out another weight loss supplement. Why you may ask would I do this. Because this supplement comes from a company that I know, I trust, and whose products have done exactly as they claim. So when I saw that they had a Fat Burning supplement, I decided to put it to the test.

I have been using the supplement as prescribed for the past 2 weeks. I use a body composition scale in my office to measure muscle mass, water mass, as well as fat mass. My results to date are only about 2 pounds of weight loss – which is not impressive. However, I have lost 5% body fat, I have gained 2% water mass and maintained my muscle mass – which is impressive. The supplements also seem to give me more energy and curb my appetite, meaning that when it comes to lunch and dinner time, I do not feel hungry. Despite this, I still continued to eat my typical diet so as not to skew results.

Based upon these short term results, I have decided to offer a testing trial to the public. I am looking for 10 volunteers willing to test the supplement and monitor their results. If you are interested in participating in this study, all you need to do is contact Stanly Wellness Center at 980-355-7600 and let us know that you would like to volunteer for our weight loss supplement. Your only expense would be $40. This will cover the 1 month supply of the supplement as well as weekly weigh-ins.


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